The wedding is often the first time many couples hire a professional photographer. This can be overwhelming, and you are bound to have questions about how everything works. We’ve compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions to hopefully clear up some of the confusion and make the process fun and exciting. If there’s something we haven’t covered here, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Q: What describes your photographic style?

A: We embody a specific blend of documentary and fine art style storytelling to capture special moments, events, and locations. We utilize a specific method of capture and editing so we encourage you to check out our portfolio to make sure you enjoy our style of work.

Q: How much does it cost to hire you guys?

A: Our prices start at $2300 for wedding photography packages. Feel free to fill out our contact form (located at the bottom of this page) and we can be in touch for our full pricing guide! There are absolutely no hidden fees.

Q: Can you take images exactly like this one that I found on __________ (Pintrest, Instagram, etc.)?

A: We think Pintrest boards and Instagram accounts are great places to start for wedding ideas! However, as each wedding is uniquie to the people getting married in them, we would love to work with you to help create something truly special and meaningful for you!

Q: Do you do engagement sessions?

A: Engagement sessions are some of our favorite photoshoots to do! These are available in both individual and package form. 

Q: Why should I book an engagement session?

A: Being engaged is such a wonderful time. It can also be very stressful! We highly recommend an engagement session with us prior to your wedding as it really allows you to soak in this special time in your lives and to get comfortable in front of the camera (and with us) prior to your big day. Also, you’ll have plenty of awesome photos to use with your save-the-dates and invites!

Q: How many photographers will be there to cover our wedding?

A: For large-scale weddings (100+ people), we both will always be there. This enables us to capture the most important moments throughout your entire day from a variety of angles and perspectives. Note that this isn’t a “primary photographer and secondary assistant” type of thing. You will have two fully capable and highly skilled photographers who will ensure you get the best possible photos to remember your day by. If your wedding is on the smaller and more intimate scale, one photographer may be more appropriate; we’d be happy to work with you on this to price accordingly.

Q: What about wedding video coverage? Do you guys capture and produce wedding films?

A: We certainly do! As many wedding photographers do not offer any film capabilities, we are proud to say that we offer video as part of several of our wedding packages. For wedding films, we usually capture footage throughout the day and create a 3-5 minute montage that you receive along with your photos. Check out one of our wedding videos here! As we still want to photograph as much as we can, we do not offer entire wedding day videography coverage.

Q: How long will you be at our wedding?

A: Our photography packages include options between 6 to 8 hours of coverage. Weddings can be everything from exciting and crazy to downright unpredictable! We’d love to be a part of your entire day if you so choose, from the moment you’re getting hair done to walking out of your reception with everyone surrounding you. For this reason, we provide several time options to fit every wedding and budget. If your wedding is less or greater than our package options, please reach out and we’d be happy to chat further about what we can do!

Q: Do you take formal family photos? How about details?

A: Of course! We love detail shots and have a blast getting families together for group shots. Your wedding is a special event that will bring two families together. For many couples, this is also probably one of the only times that so many relatives will be together under one roof at the same time! To that end, we want to be there to photograph your families and groups. We will also make every effort to capture your story throughout the day, including all of the little details that you’ve incorporated into your wedding to make it yours. This includes macro ring closeups, flower/boutonniere photos, and centerpiece shots. It’s all part of your story and we want to make sure we document it all. If you have anything specific you want to make sure we capture, just let us know.

Q: How much time should we set aside for formal wedding photos?

A: The amount of time needed for photos varies greatly depending on the size of your wedding party and families. We recommend setting aside at least one hour or so to comfortably capture all of the formal group photos, as well as an extra 30 minutes if you would like to coordinate a “first look” that is separate from your ceremony. We can always combine the group photos with bride and groom protraits as well. We love doing awesome bride and groom portraits throughout the day too, so don’t be surprised if we grab you both throughout the reception to capture some epic shots!

Q: What is a “first look,” and why would I want that?

A: The first look is an intimate time that you can choose to have with each other before the ceremony. This can be an incredibly emotional moment for couples and often produces some of the most touching photos of the day. Of course, you can always choose to have your first look during the ceremonial procession instead, which is completely fine as well. However, we do make this option available for those that want a separate time before the ceremony to see each other.

Q: Do you photograph rehearsal dinners?

A: Sure! We cover rehearsal dinners the same way we photograph receptions, and coverage is available as an add-on to any wedding package.

Q: Can my friends and family bring their cameras to take pictures?

A: Of course! Taking photos is an exciting part of being a wedding guest! We just ask that guests give us enough space so that we don’t miss any special moments ourselves. 

Q: How long will it take to receive our photos?

A: The normal turnaround time for digital photos is about 6-8 weeks. That being said, we are usually so excited to edit all of the photos that we try to beat that time estimate. Also throughout the editing process, we’ll drop “sneak peek” photos here and there so that everyone can see how awesome you looked!

Q: How many photos will I get?

A: Throughout your wedding day, we will typically shoot thousands of photos as we capture your special once-in-a-lifetime moments. The actual number we deliver depends on many different variables and typically averages about 400.

Q: Do you edit all of them?

A: Of course! We fully cull, process, and color-correct all of our photos to fit our photographic eye. We meticulously edit every photo by hand so that it achieves the best possible quality whether displayed on screen or in print.

Q: How do you deliver the photos?

A: Once fully edited, we upload your photos to a secure online gallery (password-protected) where you can view and download your files. We will also send you a custom USB drive with your files as well.

Q: How long will our photos be available in the gallery?

A: Officially, we guarantee that your photos will remain in our online storage for a minimum of at least 90 days. After that, the photos are removed from the online gallery and securely moved to off-site archival storage.

Q: How should we store/backup our photos?

A: No singular data storage solution is 100% safe. We highly recommend storing your precious wedding photos in a minimum of three locations: two separate locations at home (one on your computer and one on a backup hard drive) and another off-site (Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, etc.).

Q: Can you give us a “personal release”?

A: Absolutely. You are free to share any of your photos with friends/family online and on social media, as well as print the photos at any photo lab of your choice. We can provide a release document if needed. 

Q: Can I look through the photos that did not make the cut, just in case there are others I like?

A: Before we deliver the final set of images to you, we go through a very comprehensive decision process of reviewing and selecting photos from your wedding day. This process includes eliminating misfires, duplicates, and test shots. Any photo that passes this process will be part of the final set of images you receive. Any photo that passes this process is delivered, and those filtered out are not archived. If there are any specific guests not part of the family or wedding party that you would like us to photograph, please make sure to let us know in the questionnaire so that we can make a point to capture them during your wedding!

Q: Can we have the “digital negatives” so that we can print and edit the photos ourselves in the future?

A: Part of choosing us as your photographers is how we capture and edit the photos you see. The photos we deliver are the equivalent of modern “digital negatives,” and these files have plenty of resolution to make incredibly large, high-quality prints. While we maintain the copyright of the images, you will be granted a personal release that will allow you to share your photos with all your friends and family, and print the photos wherever you would like, forever. You may not edit any of the images, and we do not provide unedited RAW files.

Q: Can we have one of our photos converted from color to black & white or vice versa?

A: We have a specific vision for all of our photos, so whether an image will be color or black and white is typically decided before we even take the photo. We will not convert black and white photos back to color, but very occasionally a color photo may be converted to black and white by request. Your wedding photo set will typically include about 5-10% photos in black and white.

Q: We love you! How do we book you?

A: Talk to us either via email or phone! If you like us and what we do, we’d love to work with you! Booking us is very simple, and all we require to secure your date is a reservation fee and a signed contract that we will send your way after we connect.

Q: How do you accept payment, and when do you need it?

A: We accept cash or checks We require full payment for your package 30 days prior to the wedding day. Fees for album upgrades, additional prints, reimbursements, etc, are due after the wedding when they arise.

Q: Do you collect sales tax?

A: By Massachusetts state law we are required to collect a sales tax of 6.25% for all wedding packages that include albums, prints, or any physical products.

Q: Is the reservation fee refundable?

A: The reservation fee is nonrefundable. The reservation fee guarantees that your wedding date is locked down and secure. We turn down all other inquiries for your date and any dates that might interfere with yours.

Q: Do you offer any discounts?

A: We occasionally offer discounts for weekday or off-season weddings, but these depend on our availability, scheduling, and location. If you have budget concerns you would like to talk about, please don’t hesitate to reach out, and we would be happy to try and work with you.

Q: Should we feed you?

A: If your wedding goes through dinner, we would sincerely appreciate a meal so that we don’t pass out! Due to the busy nature of wedding days, we typically skip lunch during full-day sessions, and by the reception, a meal goes a long way in recharging our batteries and ensuring that we can stay upright and capture the very best images throughout the evening. Please feed us while you eat (not after!), so that by the time you’re done eating, we’re also ready to take more photos! If for some reason you aren’t able to provide us a meal, that’s ok – please allot 1 hour of time for us to go grab a quick meal elsewhere.

Q: Do you travel?

A: All weddings within 100 miles of the Boston area, and portrait sessions within 50 miles, have no additional travel charges. For any weddings further away, please reach out and we’d be happy to discuss the location, your needs, and what we can offer!

Q: How do you get to weddings?

A: Because of the amount of equipment we carry, we drive to most weddings. We ask that you provide us parking by the venue so that it is easy for us to load and unload our gear, and so that at the end of a long night, we don’t end up wandering an unfamiliar neighborhood carrying precious cargo (your photos!).

Q: What equipment do you use?

A: We use a combination of professional Nikon and Canon DSLRs and lenses. We are currently using Nikon’s D810 and Canon’s 5D Mark IV bodies because they give us the absolute best image quality possible for your photos while compromising nothing in terms of reliability and sheer ruggedness. Both camera bodies each have special purposes throughout the wedding day that we use to help us achieve our artistic vision. For photography buffs out there, we absolutely love our prime and pro-grade zoom lenses for the beautiful images they produce! For the D810, we shoot with Nikon’s 35mm 1.4g, 24-70mm 2.8, and 85mm 1.4g. For Canon, we use the 14mm 2.8L II (wide angle shots, w00t w00t!) and the 50mm 1.2L. We also have numerous flashes and and other tools that we use to help make your photos look the best they can be.

Q: Do you have backup equipment?

A: Absolutely. As professional wedding photographers, we are way too paranoid to not have backups of everything. Extra cameras, extra lenses, extra extra cameras, etc etc. We normally have an extra camera and a few lenses stashed nearby (away from ourselves), and we have numerous backups of backups of backups of your photos at all times!

Q: What happens if you get sick?

A: We try to take extra good care of ourselves to ensure that we don’t get sick despite our busy lifestyle. In the extremely unlikely case of an emergency, we have a trusty professional network we can call upon, and we will do our absolute best to find you a replacement photographer that you will be happy with.

Q: Can you keep my images completely private?

A: We strive to create our absolute best work at every wedding, not only to provide you the very best wedding photos, possible, but also to show future clients examples of our work. We will not publish unflattering images of our clients (our job is to make you look and feel great!), but we can understand reasons for absolute privacy if necessary. If this is important to you, we have NDA (non-disclosure agreement) packages available by request.

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